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The Widdowson Group recognises it has a significant impact on the local and global environment, and has made a commitment to improving its environmental performance by signing up to an Environmental Policy

Environmental concerns play a major part in the Widdowson way of thinking

The Group recognises that transport, in general, harms the environment in which we live and for that reason strives to put as much into offsetting its contribution towards this in all areas of the business.

The Fleet

Widdowson FleetInvestment in the Telogis software suite allows our transport controllers to monitor and track the entire fleet.  The reporting tools built into the system provides data on miles per gallon, harsh braking and other metrics which allow us to monitor and improve the driving style of our workforce. 

CO2 emissions feature at the top of the list when considering the best choice of vehicle.  The fleet is made up of vehicles that meet Euro 5 standards.  The Company renewal policy will ensure the right choices are made in the future.

Journey planning is performed using a range of IT solutions aimed at minimising the road miles of the fleet.  This in itself ensures that vehicles are planned to do only what is necessary and that wasted mileage is avoided.


The Widdowson Group identified the need to recycle waste materials that came as a by-product of its operation.  As a result, three industrial standard bailing machines were purchased.  Now the Group recycles 98% of its card, paper and plastic waste.  The machines also became a hit with our customers - several of which now use the Group's recycling department to process their own waste.  All waste leaving our site is recorded and is processed via licensed carriers

Energy Use

Conservation of energy is commonplace throughout the Group.  All employees are encouraged to minimise energy use.

A new lighting system has been installed at the Glenfield warehouses incorporating passive infrared detectors that control the use of lights.  This provides a system that illuminates the areas where the workforce is present and shuts down all other lighting.  Analysis has shown that this system cuts the energy bills for this area by 65%.


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