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TechnologyA centralised, fully integrated IT system underpins the Widdowson Group providing a single interface to all aspects of the business.  All major systems can be customised to meet customer requirements.  In addition we offer customers the means to integrate their systems with ours.  Secure access to electronic PODs is also available. 


Our Warehouse Management System provides customers with a range of solutions:

  • Receipt including QC check and rework if required
  • Barcode scanning and Auto Putaway
  • Picking by full pallet, case or item
  • Control by FIFO, batch and Best Before End date
  • E-fulfilment
  • Reports


Vehicle TrackingThe Widdowson Group Transport Management System captures collections and deliveries, controls the fleet and manages driver regulations.  Each of our drivers is provided with a smartphone running an app which integrates with our TMS.  We use this to send workload details to the driver and they are able to send back information in return.

Vehicles are monitored via a cloud-based vehicle tracking system from Telogis allowing us to monitor arrival and departure times.  This system also monitors fuel usage, engine idling and driving styles so managers can focus on cost and CO2 reduction.

On-line PODs

Customers have secure access to view PODs on-line using our new Portal.  Customers can use a number of search filters to quickly find the Delivery Note they are looking for.  PODs can also be automatically emailed to customers on a daily basis if this is required.

Integration - EDI, XML, CSV

We strive as a company to integrate as much as possible with customer systems to ensure that the flow of information is slick and not replicated.  The Widdowson Group makes significant investment in its IT systems to ensure that the customer's needs and requirements are met in a timely and accurate manner.  In October 2013 the company invested in DataWizard, a data mapping solution which can covert interface data from one format to another.

We have the ability to accept data in many formats with the most commonly used being EDI, XML and CSV.  Files are imported via internet access, FTP or EDI Mailbox directly into our Transport Management System and our Warehouse Management System.  We have a track record of integrating with SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, e-commerce solutions and various bespoke systems.


Since 2012, Widdowson has adopted a strategy of continuous investment in IT.  This includes:

  • A new warehouse management system dedicated to e-commerce activity with full carrier integration targetting the B2C market.
  • A new Vehicle Tracking system designed to improve customer service.
  • A new document management system to reduce the time taken to get PODs on line and give customers greater flexibilty of retrieval.
  • Data mapping software which allows greater control and flexibility in exchanging data with our customers.
  • Server infrastructure to underpin this technology.


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